What is a Title 24 energy compliance report?
The State of California Energy Commission requires that all residential and non-residential buildings (new, additions, and remodels) are built more energy efficient. A Title 24 report is done to assure a building complies with the Energy Commission's requirements.
When does a Title 24 have to be submitted to a building department?
Most building departments will not accept a plan to review for permit without a Title 24 report. All new buildings, additions, and remodels to existing buildings require a Title 24 energy compliance report.
I am adding less than 100 square feet to my building. Do I need a Title 24 report?
All new building, additions, and remodel require a Title 24 energy compliance report no matter how small the building, addition, or remodel.
What do I need to complete a Title 24 report?
You need the architectural plans to be almost completed for the new building. Included in these plans should be:
  • plot plan showing the north arrow
  • location of building, including address and city
  • floor plan showing hard surface and carpet areas
  • square footage of the building
  • window and door sizes, location and type of construction
  • water heater location and quantity
  • heating and air conditioning equipment location
  • lighting plan, especially for the kitchen
For additions and remodels:
  • the above mentioned items
  • existing conditions, including square footage, window type and quantity, floor surface areas, and any of these that are going to be changed or upgraded.
Why should I use Scott Design and Title 24 to do my energy compliance report?
Scott Design and Title 24 has over 59 years experience as a heating and air conditioning system designer and has been doing Title 24 reports since they were first required in 1978. We look at each building with economics in mind. We save energy, get the building to comply, and spend less of the builder's dollars.

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Scott Design & Title 24, Inc. is a member of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants and is a Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) for both residential and non-residential.

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